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What shade of green are you?

Posted by Luke on February 18, 2010

I’ve learned that my shade of green fluctuates.  For several years, I used a manual, gas-free push mower to cut my lawn (shade: dark green).  I felt like a real Eco Patriot as neighbors walked by complimenting me on my eco-bravery and I threw out my back plowing through overgrown grass.  Then, two years ago a friend was moving and offered to give me her gas-powered mower for free.  Regretfully (from an eco-standpoint), I gave it a home and haven’t used my manual push mower since (shade: not as dark).  I have since made other changes that have improved my greenness, but I’ve learned there is always some degree of ebb and flow with my personal shade of green.

I’ve also learned that no matter how dark green a company is there will always be skeptics who don’t think the company is green enough.  I read an interesting article on this topic the other day that talks about how it’s okay to go green one step at a  time.  Some consumers expect a company to go green overnight.  And their definition (or shade) of “green” is very different from the company’s definition (and shade).  “Green” is a relative term. 

If you’re “going green” for the right reasons, I commend you.  But be careful bragging about how green you are if you aren’t as dark as your peers and if you aren’t prepared to be compared to the darkest of dark green companies.  We, as consumers, are getting better at seeing through green marketing ploys, and consumer expectations for sustainability are at an all time high.  Be honest with yourself and the public.  Tactfully and quietly executing sustainability initiatives can often lead to a darker, more powerful shade of green in the long run.

So, what shade of green are you?


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