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Praise to Bus Riders

Posted by Luke on March 14, 2010

If I wasn’t a cheapskate already, last night I took my wife on a date… and I took her on the bus.  Actually, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to spend money on gas, and sadly it wasn’t just out of pure Eco Patriotism.  It also wasn’t because we needed a DD although that was a nice perk.  It was for parking reasons – we didn’t want to battle to find a spot in downtown Boulder.

That experience gave me a new admiration for those who consistently ride buses.  It’s not easy coordinating multiple route schedules.  And it takes planning and patience to not get upset when your bus is 10 minutes late or when someone sits beside you who forgot to wear deodorant (fortunately, Brie smelled great).  Not to mention that taking the bus requires longer than just hopping in your car and going to where you need to get to.

A few years ago, Eco-Products started an Alternative Transportation Incentive Program to encourage bus riding and other alternative forms of transportation.  Any employee who takes the bus, rides his/her bike, walks, runs, carpools, or drives a 40+ mpg car to work 60% of the time gets $100 per month added to his/her paycheck.  We started this program when we were a very small company because we believed it was the right thing to do.  We wanted to compensate those individuals who made the extra effort, and it was in line with our mission of sustainability.  $1200 a year is a nice incentive and employee benefit.

Here’s what an Eco Patriot says about combining biking and bus riding on his way to the office.  He even does this on cold, snowy days – impressive!

“From my house, I ride my bike to the downtown Denver bus station, then bus to Boulder, then bike to work from Table Mesa. It adds some time to my commute to and from, but keeps low miles on my car, keeps a car off the road, and gives me about 30 minutes on the bus to do whatever.”


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