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Posted by Luke on March 23, 2010

Unfortunately, I was misquoted in an article on today called “What Not to Put in the Bin.”  The writer, Marisa, is a very nice woman.  Unfortunately, the article makes me out to say that PLA (bioplastic) is bad.  In reading the posts on this blog, you surely can tell that I don’t feel that way.  Here is the response I posted on the to set the record straight:

Thanks for addressing this topic. However, unfortunately, I was misquoted in the article. I apologize if I wasn’t clear when we spoke. Products made from PLA don’t contaminate the recycling stream today because PLA isn’t made into bottles. Bottles are the only plastic product that the majority (98+%) of recycling facilities accept because of the shape. So, whether a cup or plate is made from PLA or PET is irrelevant because all cups and plates are sorted out of recycling facilities because of their shapes and sent to landfills or sold to China. Unfortunately, the article makes PLA out to be the evil material which it actually isn’t. If PLA were widely made into bottles, then recyclers wouldn’t like PLA. However, that’s not the case today, so it really doesn’t cause contamination. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.


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