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When I Run for Office

Posted by Luke on March 31, 2010

The first piece of legislation I’d write is a law that makes it illegal to have a trash can without a recycling can right next to it.

I recently had a bottle of water in an airport that led to a multiple day journey to recycle it.  After gulping down the H2O, I threw away the cap (I recently learned that bottles with caps left on them contaminate the recycling stream), but there wasn’t a recycling bin next to the garbage.  As I stood there looking across the terminal and down the hall trying to find a bin,  someone breezed by me and threw his empty soda bottle in the trash as if he was going to miss his plane.

I came to find out that the guy with the soda bottle definitely would have missed his plane had he looked for a recycling bin.  I couldn’t find one anywhere.  I walked through the terminal, went by the food court, took a train to the baggage claim, and still couldn’t find a place to recycle.  I brought the bottle with me to my hotel, but then I remembered that hotels don’t have recycling bins in their rooms.  I ended up staring at my new friend, the empty water bottle, in my room for two days as I looked for a home for it.

This all could have been solved if it were illegal to have a trash can without a recycling can directly next to it, sort of like in the above picture.  Logistically, and maybe naively, I don’t think it’d be very difficult for businesses to execute since recycling trucks go to most places anyway.  And the business would likely save money in the long run through reduced trash bills.

I’m not sure I could base my whole political platform on this legislation, but I would definitely support a politician who could move it forward.


2 Responses to “When I Run for Office”

  1. Xander said

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, and now seemed like a good time to start commenting. In short: I would vote for you.

    I’ve seen this phenomenon in action in my workplace. We all have trash and recycle bins in our offices, and I’m fairly certain we wouldn’t recycle if only a trash bin were present. People don’t want to think about throwing things away or recycling; they want it to be effortless. So there’s your slogan: “A vote for Luke is a vote for effortless living!”

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