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Earth Day at Eco-Products

Posted by Luke on April 21, 2010

It sounds cheesy, but at Eco-Products we think everyday should be Earth Day.  Our mission revolves around making products that are gentler on the planet.  It’s what our employees are passionate about.  And when our employees aren’t in the office making greener products or talking with customers, they are typically outside enjoying mother earth.  They’re either hiking, biking, gardening, running, skiing, or doing other outdoor activities.

To follow our passion for enjoying and improving the earth, we decided to spend Earth Day out in the weeds (literally) improving the local ecosystem that we all enjoy on the weekends.  To kick off Earth Day, we’re having an organic barbecue.  After that, the employees of Eco-Products are heading to the Boulder Reservoir, putting on work gloves, and weeding an invasive species of plant called Tamarisk.

Now, you might be wondering why we are going to weed instead of doing something else.  Last year our employees did a project of cleaning up litter from the local river/creek in Boulder.  This year, though, we heard that the City of Boulder really needed some volunteers to help with this invasive plant and we thought it was a way to give back to our local community at the same time.

The Tamarisk is noxious because it creates a very salty habitat and soaks up all the moisture leaving none for other plants.  Ultimately, it takes over environments and prevents the growth of other plant species which help support a healthy ecosystem.  It also sheds very dry leaves that are highly flammable.  Given we typically have forest fire issues in Colorado, we’re hoping our weeding efforts help prevent a future fire.

I hope you’re able to get out of the weeds of day-to-day work on your Earth Day and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.


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