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Container Man

Posted by Luke on April 27, 2010

The other day, my lovely wife, Brie, wrote a post on her blog about my obnoxious habit of always inspecting take-out containers when we go out to eat.   See, I have a lot of passion for my profession and sometimes that carries over into my home life.  Brie’s example in her post is pretty classic of my behavior, so I thought I’d share it.  Maybe other people can relate?  Or maybe I’m on my own on this one.

As I do when I come across blog posts or articles that contain false information, I have my response to her post at the bottom.

Container Man

Being married to the COO of Eco Products has its benefits.  For instance, when throwing a party, we have all the biodegradable supplies we’d ever need.  (So if we ever get around to having one, we’ll be good).

Also, when recycling things, I often come across one that I’m not sure I can recycle.  Not to worry.  Just ask Container Man, he’ll definitely have the answer.  Along with a detailed description as to why, of course.

However, there are moments when his passion for biodegradable containers is a bit over the top…

We will have just enjoyed a nice dinner out, and as the waitress walks over to to ask about dessert, Luke drops it:

“No thanks on dessert, but what I would like is one of your to-go containers.”  The sweet girl stands there, baffled at his query, looking at our empty plates.  Moments later and still confused, she walks the container over and hands it to him.  She watches as he examines it in front of her.

“Hmmm.  Styrofoam.  Too bad you guys are a bit behind the times.”  He giggles to himself, leaving her slightly mortified.

Having been a waitress myself, this is when I feel compelled to interject what he does for a living and why he cares so much about a damn container.  Poor thing.

At this point, our house is overflowing with every kind of cutlery, to-go box and container possible.  They are literally busting out of every closet and drawer in our house.  All so he can “check out the design.”

While I admire his commitment, I kind of want to throw them all out on the lawn to clean this place up a bit.  I mean hell, they’d eventually biodegrade anyway, right?

My Response:

Actually, the containers wouldn’t biodegrade if left out on the lawn. That’s a misconception and clearly I haven’t done enough education with you. I’ll put together a powerpoint presentation to walk you through the science and details behind it later tonight.

The containers would require a commercial composting environment which includes high heat (140 degrees) and high moisture content. Don’t worry though, even though they wouldn’t biodegrade naturally, they are made from corn or sugarcane or other renewable resources so you can feel good that your left-overs were placed in something natural as opposed to a plastic container made from oil.

Where is your Eco Patriotism? After all, it is Earth Day. You just happen to live in a house that celebrates Earth Day everyday. Lucky you!

Your Container Man


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