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How Do I Find New Employees?

Posted by Luke on May 3, 2010

I’m periodically asked this question by job seekers.  Fortunately, Eco-Products has very low turnover so the only time we’re typically looking for new employees is when we open a new position.

When we have an opening, I have a number of avenues I go down and interestingly enough, none of them involve big job boards.  We’ve tried those in the past and it never drew the quality of the candidates we were looking for.  Craigslist worked for us at one point, but we’ve found more success through the following channels:

  • Internal Hires – There’s nothing like promoting someone who is already passionate about the company and our products
  • External Referrals – I often lean on my industry and/or local network by asking my personal contacts if they know of any qualified candidates.  This brings in pretty high quality people.  I’m also always open to people when they email me looking for candidates.  I can usually send a couple good people their way.
  • LinkedIn Searches This is my go-to when the above methods don’t draw enough candidates.  I have two approaches with LinkedIn.   The first is running specific searches for people based on job titles, industry, location, and companies they’ve worked for.  I have had a lot of success running searches for people who have worked at competitors or have worked in our industry and reaching out to those people directly.  It can be flattering when someone contacts you, so those people are typically interested in talking with me about the opportunity.
  • LinkedIn Groups – I have also posted jobs on certain industry LinkedIn Group pages.  This yields higher quality candidates than a job board, but it typically doesn’t draw quite as many people.  If you’re looking for a job and not on LinkedIn, sign up.  Here’s a great article why.  If you’re a manager and not a member of LinkedIn, I also recommend signing up to find future hires.
  • Networking – I frequently get emails from people wanting to network.  I’m always open to getting connected, but my schedule doesn’t always allow sitting down to get to know one other.  However, if you come to me through someone I know, it helps me recall your info when I hear of something.  I save most of the resumes I receive.
  • Internal Referrals – Our employees get a bonus if they refer someone who is hired.
  • Past candidates – As mentioned above, I save most of the resumes I receive.  If you aren’t hired for a job on the first go around, it doesn’t mean you won’t be hired by us in the future.  Our needs change.  Also, when I hear about openings from friends in other companies, I have no problem forwarding your resume over.
  • CU’s Leeds School of Business – Whether it be interns or graduates, CU has very qualified people.  A great example is an MBA student we hired as an intern last summer and then we convinced him to finish his final year of the program in the evening so he could stay on as a full-time employee.
  • Headhunter – Although these can be expensive, good ones can quickly figure out exactly the type of candidate you’re looking for and bring you great people.

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