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Compost Awareness Week

Posted by Luke on May 5, 2010

The first couple weeks in May are full of holidays:

  • Cinco de Mayo
  • National Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Mother’s Day
  • May Day
  • Space Day
  • National Pet Week
  • National Bar-B-Que Month
  • National Asparagus Month (I guess vegetarians need a month to go along side of National BBQ Month?)
  • National Egg Month (Not sure how this fits in with the above two.  Tough competition for eggs.)
  • A bunch of others that most people don’t know or care about

and… Compost Awareness Week.

If you’ve been considering composting at home, now’s a great time to start.  It doesn’t have to be difficult and the compost you create will be rich with nutrients for your garden.  Here’s an informative website that walks you through the steps to setting up home composting.

Also, if you’re considering having a picnic in the month of May to celebrate one of the lesser-known holidays, this article has some suggestions on how to have an eco-friendly picnic which, oddly enough, includes using Eco-Products.

Here’s one last little factoid to encourage composting… approximately 25% of the waste sent to landfills is organic waste that could be composted.  Another 30+% is recyclable.  Imagine cutting down on landfill use by over 50% through those two simple activities.

Alright, I’ll get off my composting soapbox.


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