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A Great Addition to Any Cafeteria

Posted by Luke on May 7, 2010

If you’ve ever been to any of Google’s offices, you know they take an unconventional approach to culture.  I say “unconventional,” but I sometimes wonder why it isn’t more conventional to create a work environment in this manner.  It’s remarkable what they do.  You’ve probably heard about their unlimited free food in the cafeterias, the shuttle service for commuters, the endless white board walls where people doodle ideas, the dry-cleaning services, and the on-site fitness centers.  There is another thing they do…

Checkout this video of Google’s cafeteria in London.  They brought in some of the best human and flute beat boxers.  That’s right, I said “flute” beat boxers.  I should bring them to Eco-Products.


One Response to “A Great Addition to Any Cafeteria”

  1. Andy B. said

    Wow! Those guys are amazing – I’d love to have them come in to the office, Luke. Looks like they might work for beverages, although our coffee and Mtn Dew supply might not be quite what they’re used to….

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