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My New Favorite Mechanic

Posted by Luke on June 3, 2010

It’s hard to find a good mechanic.  I’m happy to say I don’t have to worry about that anymore.  Eco-Products recently began offering a new employee perk involving a green car mechanic.  We bring Green Garage, a Boulder-based startup that does nothing but green car repair, to our offices once a quarter and reimburse employees $10 for any oil change and $20 for any other service.  Green Garage also offers all of our employees a discount if we get a certain number of employees to participate.  They have a mobile garage they bring with them to our building.  And as part of their normal service, they will pickup customers’ cars and drop them back off to your home or office.  That’s impressive!

Green Garage's Mobile Garage at the Eco-Products Building

What really excites me about their services is that, in addition to being better for the environment, they are also better for cars.  For example, their $69.95 oil change lasts for 10,000 miles, increases fuel efficiency, includes API approved Biodegradable oil which lasts for 24,000 miles, and includes a 53 point inspection and Energy Intervention.  A few of their 60 eco-friendly services are listed below.

If you don’t live in Boulder, sit tight.  Green Garage is expanding rapidly.  They are planning to be a nationwide company in the not too distant future.

High‐performance Dual Stage Oil Filter

Think ’super strainer’ that filters down to 3 microns instead of ‘chunky’ conventional filters at 30 microns. That’s 10 times more maximum purity through a two part, parallel filtration system. Increases your fuel economy up to 5%, lasts twice as long as normal filters and can decrease oil use by 70%.

oilMotor Oil

We offer two Green Garage approved earth and wallet friendly oil options: choose a re‐refined oil or one made from biodegradable animal by-products. Both are API approved and last up to 24,000 miles when matched with our dual stage oil filter. C’mon, step up and do your part to reduce waste and our dependence on foreign oil.

nitrogenNitrogen Tire Fill

Blow up your tires and in as little as one week they can become under‐ inflated, sapping fuel economy as much as 3%. So why not blow them up right and fill your tires with nitrogen. Nitrogen’s molecules are much bigger than plain air so it slows leakage, is less variable in changing temperatures and extends tire life by producing less tire‐deteriorating water vapor than air.


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