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Eco Entrepreneurs

Posted by Luke on July 15, 2010

I love reading about ambitious entrepreneurs with a passion to make a positive difference in the world.  When they see an opportunity, they build a business.  The “same old” doesn’t suffice for them.  They solve problems.  They put their careers on the line.  They put their money where their mouth is.  And they often do so without looking for a big financial payout.

The kind of entrepreneur I’m referring to isn’t all about taking their company public or hitting a big pay-day through an acquisition.  They are all about making a lasting difference.  They create jobs.  There’s a big place for them in the economy.  They deserve appreciation and thanks for taking a risk.  Here’s the latest eco entrepreneur I just came across…

29-year old John-Paul Maxfield started a compost hauling service in Denver.  He bought an old box truck and slowly convinced restaurant by restaurant to pay him to take away their food waste.  He’s competing against the uber-cheap trash hauling giants like Waste Management.  John-Paul recognizes that he’s starting out small, but he has a plan and a vision on how to expand his services.  His goal is to create regionally-located urban farms that process food waste and other compostables, and then to sell the fresh compost as value-added fertilizer in those local markets.  Read more here…


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