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A Groupon-like Business Focused on Doing Good

Posted by Luke on July 19, 2010

A startup called Bolder just launched a Groupon-like site that encourages people to do something positive.  Every few days there’s a new challenge that offers rewards for doing things like buying local, riding your bike instead of driving, or picking up a piece of litter.  Sponsoring businesses offer discounts on products for people who participate in the Bolder challenge.  Checkout this article for more info, or the company’s website at


2 Responses to “A Groupon-like Business Focused on Doing Good”

  1. dinesh said

    Hey Luke – Thanks for spreading the word and the re-post.

  2. adrian said

    picking up litter is great!

    challenging people to write their grocery store and request they stop handing out plastic bags – now that’s bold!

    what other bold challenges that will make big changes is actbolder coming up with?

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