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What is an Eco Patriot?

Are you an Eco Patriot?

An Eco Patriot is someone who is passionate about the environment and follows through on his/her passion by living an eco-minded life.

Eco Patriots are committed to always trying to be a little more green.

Eco Patriots use reusables when available.

They often ride their bike or take the bus instead of driving.

They make a concerted effort to recycle and compost.

Eco Patriots swap out their incandescent bulbs for CFLs.

They complain to restaurant owners when they are given a styrofoam take-out container.

They don’t care about getting credit for being green.

Eco Patriots are patriotically committed to minimizing their impact on the earth.

Where did the term Eco Patriot come from?

In the early days of Eco-Products, the founder, Steve Savage, would address employees as Eco Patriots.  He founded the company based on a core belief that companies and individuals should try to minimize their impact on the earth.  The term Eco Patriot has transcended company boundaries and can be applied to anyone who falls under the above criteria.


One Response to “What is an Eco Patriot?”

  1. Nancy Wilson said

    I am a concerned mom and ‘wanna be’ Distributor for Eco-Products – I will walk into a restaurant and ask the managers why they continue to use Styrofoam products – in which most give the same answers – it is just too expensive to change to green products and the cold cups sweat on the tables at office desks – I always give them back the “if more folks would use green products the cost will come down and I would provide you with a coaster” – I hope it will sway enough that by 2012 we can see a change in the attitude of Southern folks that are really a challenge!

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