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Steve Savage of Eco-Products Named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’

Posted by Luke on October 11, 2010

I attended an award ceremony on October 7th that recognized Steve Savage, the Founder and Chairman of Eco-Products, as the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.  With Boulder being the Best Town for Startups, according to BusinessWeek, and a top place for entrepreneurs, according to Fast Company, and owning numerous other titles for being an entrepreneurial haven (see my previous post: Boulder’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem), claiming the title of Entrepreneur of the Year is a huge freaking deal.  It’s like being named the best sushi chef in Japan, or the top skier in Vail, or the the smartest guy at Harvard Cornell (my school spirit shines on).

Starting companies is no random act for Steve.  He also founded Ellie’s Eco Home Store, a natural products retail store in Boulder, and his latest venture is called National Eco Wholesale, a national wholesaler of retail products.  Steve also isn’t a newcomer to winning awards.  Here are some of the others he’s won in the past 2-3 years:

  • 40 Under 40 by the Natural Foods Merchandiser
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist from Ernst & Young
  • Boulder County Business Report’s Eco-Hero Award
  • Champion of the Environment Award by Thorne Ecological Institute

And I know he’s just getting started.

Congratulations Steve.  It’s well-deserved.


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A Groupon-like Business Focused on Doing Good

Posted by Luke on July 19, 2010

A startup called Bolder just launched a Groupon-like site that encourages people to do something positive.  Every few days there’s a new challenge that offers rewards for doing things like buying local, riding your bike instead of driving, or picking up a piece of litter.  Sponsoring businesses offer discounts on products for people who participate in the Bolder challenge.  Checkout this article for more info, or the company’s website at

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